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    Kenya cult tragedy, South Africa’s non-alignment stance, China-Eritrea ties, and M-Kopa funding boost: Latest news across Africa!

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    Kenya: President Criticizes Authorities Over Cult Deaths

    President William Ruto of Kenya has criticized government agencies for failing to prevent the deaths of more than 200 members of a cult in the country’s coastal region. The cult members died of starvation, and Ruto says that the authorities should have taken measures to prevent the disaster. He also took responsibility for the mishap. The cult had barricaded itself inside their compound for several weeks, claiming that they were waiting for the end of times. Despite pressure from the authorities, they refused to leave the compound and eventually succumbed to hunger.

    The incident has raised questions about the effectiveness of government agencies to handle similar situations in the future. Ruto has promised that measures will be put in place to ensure that such tragedies do not occur again.

    South Africa: President Claims Non-Align Position Does Not Favor Russia

    President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa has said that the country’s non-aligned position in global politics is not an endorsement of Russia. While South Africa has not taken a clear stance on Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine, Ramaohosa has assured that his government remains committed to human rights and international law.

    His comments come amid widespread concerns about Russia’s actions in Ukraine and the possibility of further destabilization in the region. Ramaphosa has said that he supports diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict.

    China and Eritrea: Premier Li Urges Strategic Partnership

    Premier Li Keqiang of China has called for closer ties between China and Eritrea, as the two countries seek to deepen their economic and political cooperation. During a visit to Eritrea, Li said that both countries should work together to promote regional stability and economic growth.

    China has long been a key investor in Africa, and Eritrea is eager to attract more investment to fuel its own development. The two countries have signed a number of agreements on trade and infrastructure, including the construction of a new port in Eritrea that will benefit both countries.

    African Digital Credit Company M-Kopa Signs $255M in New Funding

    M-Kopa, a digital credit company in Africa, has secured $255 million in new debt and equity funding to support its expansion in sub-Saharan Africa. The funding comes from a range of investors, including Standard Bank and Sumitomo Corporation.

    M-Kopa provides affordable solar power to households and small businesses in off-grid areas, allowing them to access electricity without the need for a traditional power grid. The company has already helped to transform the lives of millions of people in Africa, and the new funding will allow it to reach even more.

    The investment is a sign of confidence in Africa’s growing technology sector, as well as the potential for digital solutions to drive economic growth in the region.

    African Boulevard News – (2023-05-15)

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