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    East Africa

    Ethiopia: Thousands Protest for Safe Return Home Amid Volatile Tigray Conflict

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - (African Boulevard News) - Thousands of people displaced by the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region staged protests on Tuesday, demanding...

    Kenya: President Ruto Urges African Leaders to Tackle Climate Change and Embrace Green Energy at Pan-African Summit

    Nairobi, Kenya - (African Boulevard News) - Kenyan President, William Ruto, has participated in the third Pan-African Parliamentarians Summit held in the Democratic Republic...

    Somalia: Thousands Displaced and At Risk of Disease Due to Devastating Floods After Months of Drought

    Mogadishu, Somalia - (African Boulevard News) - After months of devastating drought, Somalia has been left with a new tragedy on its hands, flooding....

    Rwanda: President Kagame’s Visit to Flooded Areas Brings Support and Urgent Call for Action on Climate Change

    Kigali, Rwanda - (African Boulevard News) - Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, visited several regions of the country affected by the recent floods that have...

    Somalia: Floods Devastate Beledwayne, Displace Thousands and Raise Fears of Disease Outbreaks and Food Insecurity

    Mogadishu, Somalia - (African Boulevard News) - Floods have left a trail of destruction in Somalia's central city of Beledwayne. Entire neighborhoods have been...

    Kenya: African Record Holder Ferdinand Omanyala Vows to Break His Own Record – “Nobody is Going to Beat Me This Year”

    Nairobi, Kenya - (African Boulevard News) - Ferdinand Omanyala, the Kenyan 100-meter sprinter, has vowed to break his own African record and become the...

    Ethiopia: Safaricom’s milestone achievement paves the way for mobile money revolution!

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - (African Boulevard News) - Ethiopia's Central Bank on Thursday granted Kenya's Safaricom, Africa's largest telecommunications company, the first mobile money...

    Kenya’s Race for Chamber of Commerce Leadership Heats Up as Candidates Battle Fiercely for Coveted Position

    Nairobi, Kenya - (African Boulevard News) - The race to become the new Chamber of Commerce boss in Kenya is heating up as candidates...

    Madagascar’s economy at stake as Rio Tinto and government negotiations reach breaking point over Fort-Dauphin mine

    Antananarivo, Madagascar - (African Boulevard News) - The negotiations between Rio Tinto and Madagascar's President Andry Rajoelina are still ongoing for the Fort-Dauphin mine....

    Kenya: Gor Mahia Coach Warns of Tough Mashemeji Derby Against AFC Leopards with Nothing to Lose

    Nairobi, Kenya - (African Boulevard News) - On Sunday, Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards will face off in the much-anticipated Mashemeji Derby. Ahead of...

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