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    Comoros: Mayors protest against unfair French deportations of migrants causing tensions and humanitarian crisis

    Moroni, Comoros - (African Boulevard News) - Mayors in Comoros have protested in response to what they call the French territory of Mayotte’s aggressive...

    Comoros: Migrant Restrictions at Risk of Furthering Tension with France

    Moroni, Comoros - (African Boulevard News) - The simmering tension between France and its former colonial territory, the Comoros, continues to escalate over the...

    Mayotte fights back against illegal immigration influx with forceful security operations

    Moroni, Comoros- (African Boulevard News) - Security operations to expel illegal migrants continued on Thursday in the French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte as...

    Comoros seeks diplomatic talks with France over expulsion of migrants from Mayotte

    Moroni, Comoros- (African Boulevard News) - President Azali Assoumani of the Comoros has called for talks with France over controversial plans to expel thousands...

    France wants to perpetrate a massacre on the Comorian island of Mayotte, claims local community leader.

    Moroni, Comoros - (African Boulevard News) The Heartbreaking Plight of Mayotte: A Ticking Time Bomb for France The picturesque island of Mayotte, located in the...

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