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    Latest news in African countries: Sudan violence, Mali sets election date, Polio vaccines destroyed, UN emergency session, South African rand falls, Congo floods, Nigerian election challenge and senator’s kidney plot.

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    Sudan violence continues as civilians cry out for help

    Heavy gunfire and fighting broke out in Khartoum on Friday as the army and rival paramilitary forces clashed, disregarding the plight of civilians caught in the middle. Reports indicate that the violence has resulted in many civilian deaths and injuries. Civilians trapped in the Sudanese capital have expressed anger over their plight, with no regard for their safety. Despite calls by the international community, perpetrators have been slow to take responsibility for their actions, leaving Sudanese civilians in a state of uncertainty and fear.

    Mali sets date for long-delayed vote

    Mali has set a date for a long-delayed vote, saying it is committed to democratic principles after years of unrest. The upcoming vote is seen as a critical step in restoring stability and paving the way for national reconciliation in a country that has been wracked by fighting, including insurgencies and terrorist attacks. Despite the challenges, Mali’s leaders have voiced optimism about the vote and pledged to work together to ensure a free and fair outcome.

    Polio vaccination in Sudan slammed after over 1 million vaccines destroyed

    UNICEF has condemned the destruction of more than 1 million polio vaccinations in Sudan, leaving many children vulnerable to infection. The destruction was caused by fires at a warehouse that housed the vaccines. The destruction is a significant setback for efforts to eradicate polio in Sudan, and health officials have called for swift action to address the situation.

    Countries call for emergency session of UN rights body over Sudan

    Several countries have called for an emergency session of the United Nations Human Rights Council to address the ongoing crisis in Sudan. The move comes amid growing concern over the situation, with many civilians being left to suffer in the violence. The session will focus on ways to address the crisis and ensure that human rights are protected in Sudan.

    South African rand hits a low

    The South African rand has plummeted amid growing concerns over the banking sector in the United States. The fear of a global economic slowdown has led investors to shy away from the South African rand, which has resulted in its drop. Experts predict that the decline may continue if global conditions do not improve.

    Deadly flash floods in Congo

    At least 176 people have died in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after flash floods destroyed buildings and caused widespread destruction. Rescue workers have had to gather mud-caked bodies into piles as they struggle to address the aftermath of the floods. The situation has left many people without homes or basic necessities, and humanitarian aid efforts are underway to address the crisis.

    Nigeria hears presidential election challenge

    Nigeria is starting to hear a legal challenge against the outcome of the presidential election. The challenging party has alleged that the election was rigged in favor of the winning candidate, and the legal action has raised questions about the transparency of the election process. Many Nigerians are watching closely as the proceedings unfold, hoping for a fair and just outcome.

    Nigerian senator jailed for kidney harvesting plot

    A Nigerian senator, his wife, and a doctor have been jailed by a London court for trafficking a street trader to Britain to illegally harvest his kidney for a transplant. The three
    African Boulevard News – (2023-05-05)

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