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    Latest News in Africa: UN seeks $2.6bn for Sudan, Kenya world record holder provisionally suspended, Zambia raises key interest rate, Tunisia arrests students, Oromo rebels accuse Ethiopia.

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    Sudan: UN Seeks Nearly $2.6 Billion in Humanitarian Needs

    The United Nations is seeking $2.56 billion to help those affected by the crisis in Sudan. In the wake of the conflict, aid agencies have provided assistance to over 300,000 people, which has been instrumental in ensuring basic services and sustainable livelihoods. Funds will go toward providing food, water, shelter, and healthcare to those affected, including refugees and internally displaced persons. Aid workers say they desperately need additional support to combat acute malnutrition, establish sanitary living conditions, and address the overall humanitarian needs created by the conflict.

    Kenya: World Record Holder Kipruto Provisionally Suspended

    Kenyan athlete Rhonex Kipruto, the current world record-holder for men’s 10,000 meters, has been provisionally suspended due to a drug-testing violation. Kipruto’s suspension comes after he was found to have high levels of erythropoietin (EPO), a hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells and can boost endurance. The Athletics Integrity Unit, an independent body responsible for anti-doping in athletics, has now opened an investigation into the case. Kipruto’s suspension is a blow for Kenya, a country that has struggled with doping scandals for the past decade.

    Zambia: Central Bank Raises Key Interest Rate to 9.5%

    Zambia’s central bank has raised its key interest rate by 25 basis points to 9.50% in an attempt to tame inflation. The country’s inflation rate has remained high for months, hovering around 24%, driven by a weak currency, droughts, and infrastructure challenges. The bank’s decision to raise interest rates is aimed at creating a more stable economic environment and curbing the inflation rate. Many Zambians, however, are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of goods and services, particularly basic necessities like food.

    Tunisia: Students Detained Over Criticism of Police

    Tunisian police have arrested two students for a song they wrote that criticizes the police, which has led to fears of an erosion of freedom of speech under President Kais Saied. The song, called “Poussah,” was posted on social media, and its critical lyrics about police brutality and corruption quickly led to its virality. The two students were detained on charges of “harming public morality” and “inciting violence.” It remains to be seen how this will impact the ongoing stability of Tunisia, which has experienced significant political and social unrest in recent years.

    Ethiopia: Oromo Rebels Accuse Government of Attacks Following Failed Peace Talks

    Rebels from Ethiopia’s Oromiya region have accused the government of launching a military offensive against them following failed peace talks. The rebels, who are seeking greater autonomy for their region, say that the government has intensified attacks against them, targeting villages, and killing civilians. Humanitarian organizations warn that the conflict could displace hundreds of thousands of people and lead to significant human suffering. The government has not commented on the allegations, and it is unclear how the situation will be resolved.
    African Boulevard News – (2023-05-17)

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