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    Niger: Army intercepts 1,400 suspected Boko Haram followers, many women and children, in significant move towards ending terrorism

    Niamey, Niger - (African Boulevard News) - The Republic of Niger has announced that it has successfully intercepted almost 1,400 suspected Boko Haram followers....

    Niger: Thousands Flee Amidst Ongoing Violence and Forced from Homes

    Niamey, Niger - (African Boulevard News) - Over 13,000 women and children have fled the islands surrounding the Niger River due to the ongoing...

    Niger President Revives Military Cooperation with Mali to Combat Jihadist Groups in Liptako-Gourma region

    Niamey, Niger - (African Boulevard News) - In light of the increasing jihadist activity in the Liptako-Gourma region in the Sahel, President Mohamed Bazoum...

    Niger: Seven soldiers killed in Jihadist landmine explosion

    Niamey, Niger - (African Boulevard News) - Tragedy struck the Nigerien military on Sunday as seven soldiers were killed in a mine explosion in...

    Niger: Somaïr Uranium Mine to Operate Until 2040, Ignites Economic Stability Amid Environmental Concerns.

    Niamey, Niger - (African Boulevard News) - Niger's largest uranium producer, Somaïr, is set to operate until 2040, according to a recent statement from...

    Niger: Germany Sends Troops to Combat Terrorism and Instability in the Sahel region

    Niamey, Niger - (African Boulevard News) - Germany has announced its intention to deploy troops to Niger to join the EU military mission established...

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