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    “Africa in the News: Sudan Conflict Escalates, CCHF Detected in Senegal, Indonesians Evacuated, and More”

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    Sudan: Fighting Continues as Ceasefire Set to End at Midnight

    Despite warnings of a catastrophic civil war, Sudan’s deadly conflict continues for a third week as the rival military forces accuse each other of fresh violations of a ceasefire that is set to expire at midnight. The situation, according to Reuters, is still tense, with no concrete plans for peace in sight. Many civilians are caught in the conflict, with over 200 people evacuated to Chad, and the UAE evacuating its citizens to safety. UN envoy to Sudan, Nicholas Haysom, observed that combatants on both sides of the conflict have expressed a willingness to negotiate, but the situation on the ground remains dire.

    Senegal: One Case of Crimean-Congo Fever Detected

    Senegal’s health ministry confirmed the detection of a case of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in a hospital on the outskirts of the capital Dakar. As per Reuters, CCHF is a severe, sometimes fatal disease caused by a tick-borne virus affecting domestic animals such as cattle and sheep. Although human-to-human transmission is limited, those who come into contact with bodily fluids of infected animals or people are considered to be at risk.

    Indonesia: Evacuees from Sudan Arrive in Jakarta

    Over 300 Indonesians who were living in Sudan’s capital Khartoum, which has seen a ramping up of violence in recent weeks, have been evacuated and returned to Indonesia, with more flights planned for subsequent days. According to a Jakarta official, most of the evacuated were Indonesian students studying in Sudan.

    Sudan: Unending ‘Hell’

    Reuters reports that despite several truce pledges, Sudan’s conflict continues unabated, and civilians are bearing the brunt of the violence. A pregnant woman gave birth before fleeing to a neighboring country, while over 136 were killed in the April 20 attack in Burkina Faso, with army officials finger-pointed as the perpetrators. In Nigeria, gunmen abducted over 80 people, predominantly children, with some eventually released after ransoms were paid.

    Tanzania: Economy to Rebound in 2023

    Finance Minister Mwigulu Nchemba predicts a rebound in Tanzania’s economy in 2023 despite the country’s battles with COVID-19 and a struggling global economy. While the war in Ukraine could affect the East African country’s economy, Nchemba noted that the country had made considerable improvements in agriculture, tourism, and the manufacturing sector, giving cause to be optimistic.

    These are just some of the top stories from African countries over the past few days, as reported by Reuters. From ongoing conflicts in Sudan to disease outbreaks and international evacuations, African nations remain in the news, each facing challenges unique to their circumstances.
    African Boulevard News – (2023-04-30)

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