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    Southern Africa’s Top News: Angolan Armed Forces accused of human rights abuses against migrant women, Malawi’s President calls for unity in response to natural disasters, and Anti-Corruption Bureau makes arrests.

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    South Africa Staff Writer
    South Africa Staff Writer
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    Angola Angola: Angolan Forces Linked to Abuses Against Migrant Women [press release]

    Angolan Armed Forces have been linked to a spate of human rights abuses against migrant women in Angola. A new report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) suggests that migrants are subject to widespread sexual violence and labor exploitation. The report highlights cases in which the military has been responsible for raping women and girls who are traveling through the country as they attempt to reach neighboring countries. The report claims that the abuse has been ongoing in Angola for some time and that authorities have failed to take action to protect the migrants.

    Malawi Malawi: Chakwera Calls for Unity in Dealing With Disasters

    President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera has called for unity and love as Malawi is facing severe natural disasters, including heavy rains and flooding that have been causing widespread damage to homes, crops, and infrastructure. During a press conference in the capital Lilongwe, Chakwera urged Malawians to come together to help one another, stating that “this is not the time to divide or politicize things, but to work together to overcome these challenges.” The government has dedicated resources to emergency relief for those affected and has been working with international partners to respond to the crisis.

    Malawi Malawi: Mutharika Chastised Govt Over Failure to Heed Cyclone Freddy

    Former President Peter Mutharika has accused the current administration of failing to properly evacuate people in the areas affected by Cyclone Freddy. In a statement released by his office, Mutharika expressed his sadness at the loss of life and urged authorities to improve disaster preparedness and response measures. Mutharika is widely seen as a critic of the current government and has been vocal in his opposition to many of their policies.

    Malawi Malawi: ACB Arrests Magistrate, State Prosecutor Over Corruption Allegations

    The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested a magistrate and a state prosecutor in the central district of Dowa over allegations of corruption. The two officials have been accused of soliciting bribes from suspects and interfering with cases. The arrests come as part of a wider crackdown on corruption in Malawi, with President Chakwera vowing to root out corruption from all levels of government.

    Mozambique Mozambique: Fuel Price Rise Could Be Imminent

    Fuel distribution companies in Mozambique are demanding an increase in the price of fuel, claiming that they are incurring heavy losses with the current prices fixed by the government. The government has yet to respond to the demands, but the move is likely to prompt protests and widespread dissatisfaction from consumers, who are already struggling with high levels of inflation.

    Mozambique Mozambique: India Wants to Boost Railway Cooperation With Mozambique

    Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar has expressed interest in continuing to cooperate with Mozambique in rail transport. Jaishankar met with Mozambican officials to discuss the development of a new agreement between the two countries, which would focus on the expansion of rail infrastructure in the region.

    South Africa South Africa: Thabo Bester Saga – Police Fail to Collect Evidence of Magudumana’s Bloem Trips

    South African police have failed to gather any evidence of Nandipha Magudumana’s trips to Bloemfontein and Ballito using the alias of Thabo Bester. Magudumana is accused of helping Bester, a convicted murderer, escape from custody by using his identity to book luxury accommodation. The case has raised concerns about the failure of authorities to prevent such incidents from occurring and has prompted calls for an investigation into the issue.

    South Africa South Africa: National Orders Recipients Announced

    The Chancellor of the National Orders, Phindile Baleni, has announced the names of South Africans and foreign nationals who will receive National Orders. The recipients include individuals from various fields, including arts and culture, science, and social justice. The National Orders are awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to the country and are recognized as one of the highest honors in South Africa.

    South Africa South Africa: Eskom Teams Working to Reduce Higher Load Shedding Stages

    State power utility Eskom says that it is working hard to

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