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    South Africa Shocked by Arrest of Three Men for Stealing 8-Feet Long Nile Crocodile Worth $1,300 in Bizarre Animal Theft Case.

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    Pretoria, South Africa- (African Boulevard News) – In a bizarre case of animal theft, three men have been arrested for stealing a 2.5-meter (8-feet) long Nile crocodile worth about $1,300 from a farm in the North West province of South Africa. The incident has shocked many in the country, as crocodiles are not commonly targeted due to their dangerous nature.

    The Crocodile Theft

    The men, all aged between 20 and 35, are believed to have used a pick-up truck to take the animal from a crocodile farm in the Hartbeesfontein area about 200 kilometers (124 miles) west of Johannesburg. But what’s more perplexing is how they smuggled the large crocodile out of the farm, which had secure fencing, police spokeswoman Col. Adele Myburgh said.

    “How did they slip this animal out?” she said. “It’s not a baby crocodile by any means.”

    The crocodile was found tied up with rope and wire in an abandoned farmhouse. The men had covered it up with tree branches in an attempt to hide it, police said. The authorities also found the pick-up truck. The men were arrested last week and appeared in court on Monday.

    The Condition of the Crocodile

    The crocodile was badly dehydrated when it was found by a team of police officers and animal conservation officials. The police took immediate action to return the crocodile to its rightful owner, who runs a crocodile farm in the area. The police released a photo of the crocodile swimming in its pool at the farm, which was a sigh of relief for those involved in the rescue.

    The Motive of the Theft

    Police are investigating the motive behind the theft of the crocodile, and the nature of the crime has left many in the community guessing. Crocodile body parts, such as skin, nails and teeth, have value, and it’s possible that the men might have been planning to kill the crocodile and sell its parts, said Myburgh.

    However, until the investigation is complete, the reason for the theft remains a mystery.

    The Arrest and Court Proceedings

    The three men who were arrested for stealing the crocodile have been charged with theft and are facing a court hearing in the North West province. The case has generated a lot of interest among the media, and locals have raised questions about how the men could steal an 8-feet long crocodile.

    The incident has also raised concerns about the security of crocodile farms and the potential for similar cases of animal theft in the future.


    This strange case of animal theft has grabbed the attention of South Africans and sparked debate about the value of crocodile body parts on the black market. The rescue and return of the crocodile to its rightful owner is a relief for all involved, but the motive behind the theft remains unknown.

    It’s a reminder of the importance of protecting endangered species and maintaining secure environments for them. The South African authorities will be hoping that this is an isolated case and that the country does not become a target for animal thieves in the future.

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