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    Latest news in Africa: Fighting in Sudan, floods in Congo, refugees stranded on Red Sea shore. Polio vaccines destroyed. Court case in Nigeria and UK.

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    Sudan: Fighting in Khartoum as mediators seek end to Sudan conflict

    Fighting could be heard in south Khartoum on Sunday as envoys from Sudan’s warring parties were in Saudi Arabia for talks that international mediators hope will bring an end to a three-week old conflict that has killed hundreds and triggered an exodus.

    Congo: Corpses pile up after nearly 200 killed in Congo floods

    At least 176 dead bodies have been found in and around two villages in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that were flooded on Thursday, provincial governor Theo Ngwabidje Kasi said on Friday.

    Sudan: Thousands fleeing Sudan are stuck on Red Sea shore

    Thousands of people fleeing clashes in Sudan are stuck on the Red Sea coast without access to food, water or shelter, according to the United Nations.

    Sudan: Sudanese say warring factions ignore their plight as hardships grow

    Sudanese civilians caught in the middle of a conflict between government forces and rebels in the country’s south say the warring factions are ignoring their plight as more and more people are forced to flee their homes due to the violence.

    Sudan: UNICEF: More than 1 million polio vaccines destroyed in Sudan

    More than 1 million polio vaccines have been destroyed in Sudan due to improper storage conditions, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

    South Africa: South African rand falls as U.S. banking fears boost safe-haven demand

    The South African rand fell against the U.S. dollar on Friday as fears of potential banking problems in the United States drove investors towards safe-haven assets.

    Nigeria: Nigeria begins hearing presidential election challenge next week

    The Nigerian Judiciary has announced that it will hear a challenge to the result of the country’s presidential election next week, as opposition parties continue to contest the results.

    United Kingdom: UK court jails Nigerian senator for nine years for kidney-harvesting plot

    A Nigerian politician, his wife, and a doctor were jailed by a London court on Friday for trafficking a street trader from Lagos to Britain to illegally harvest his kidney for a transplant for their seriously ill daughter.

    Sudan: MTN Sudan’s network down as fighting hits power supplies

    The Sudanese arm of Africa’s biggest mobile operator MTN Group said on Friday its network was down after fighting in the country led to fuel shortages and power cuts.

    Kenya: Kenya sets up inquiry into cult deaths, leader to remain in prison

    Kenyan President William Ruto has appointed a commission of inquiry into the deaths of more than 100 people believed to have starved themselves to death, while a court ordered that their alleged cult leader remain in prison.

    Mali: Mali sets date for delayed vote, saying it’s true to its word on democracy

    Mali’s government has set a date for the country’s delayed election, saying that it is committed to upholding democratic principles and ensuring free and fair elections.

    Uganda: Ugandan shilling stable amid thin activity

    The Ugandan shilling remained stable against the U.S. dollar on Friday, with traders reporting thin activity in the market.

    Refugees: UN refugee agency calls on governments not to return people to Sudan

    The United Nations refugee agency has called on governments around the world not to return people to Sudan, citing ongoing violence and instability in the country.

    Sudan: Veteran soldier leads Sudan’s army against rival general

    Sudan’s veteran soldier General Fathi has taken over as leader of the country’s army, as it faces off against rebel forces led by rival general Abdel Aziz al-Hilu.

    Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso interim leader hails Russia as a strategic ally

    Burkina Faso’s interim leader has declared Russia a strategic ally of the country, as the two nations seek to strengthen ties amid growing instability in the region.
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