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    Latest News from Africa: Sudan talks resume amid heavy fighting, Kenya cult murders shock, Congo flooding kills dozens, US accuses South Africa, Senegal opposition rallies & North Africa debt troubles.

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    Sudan: Warring Parties to Resume Talks Amid Heavy Fighting

    Sudan’s warring army and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary will resume talks on Sunday, according to a senior Saudi diplomat, despite air strikes and heavy fighting around Khartoum on Friday night. Although both sides have agreed to protect civilians, there is no ceasefire in place. Since the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir in 2019, Sudan has been in a state of political turmoil and violence. The current situation in the country remains tense, and it is uncertain whether the talks will lead to any progress in the peace process.

    Kenya: More Bodies Found in Search for Death Cult Followers

    Authorities in Kenya have uncovered additional bodies in the search for followers of a suspected death cult. The group is believed to have been responsible for a series of murders and gruesome rituals in recent months. The bodies were discovered in a remote area of the country, and authorities are continuing their investigations into the cult’s activities. The discovery has sent shockwaves throughout Kenya and raised concerns about the rise of extremist groups in the region.

    Congo: Volunteers Search for Bodies After Deadly Floods

    Volunteers have been digging through debris in Congo following deadly floods that killed dozens of people and displaced thousands more. The floods were caused by heavy rains that swept through the country, causing landslides and flooding in several areas. The government has since declared a state of emergency and has called for international assistance to help with the relief efforts. The situation in Congo remains dire, and many are still in need of aid and support.

    South Africa: U.S. Accuses Government of Arms Shipment to Russia

    The United States has accused South Africa of violating international sanctions by allowing an arms shipment destined for Russia to pass through its territory. South Africa has denied the allegations, saying that it has followed all relevant laws and regulations. The incident has heightened tensions between the two countries and has raised concerns about South Africa’s relationship with Russia. It remains unclear how the situation will be resolved.

    Senegal: Opposition Rallies Against President’s Possible Third Term Ambition

    Opposition groups in Senegal have held rallies against President Macky Sall’s possible third term ambition. The protests come amid concerns that the president is seeking to extend his rule beyond the two-term limit set by the country’s constitution. Sall, who has been in power since 2012, has not yet announced his candidacy for the upcoming elections, but many believe that he is preparing to do so. The situation in Senegal remains tense, and there are fears that the protests could escalate into violence.

    North Africa: Debt Troubles Continue to Plague the Region

    North Africa is facing mounting debt troubles, with several countries struggling to service their debts amid declining economic conditions. Moody’s has cut Kenya’s debt and currency ratings, while Tunisia has raised the purchase price of durum wheat from local farmers amid expectations of a disastrous grain season due to severe drought. The international community is closely monitoring the situation in the region, with many calling for increased support to help countries weather the economic storm.
    African Boulevard News – (2023-05-13)

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