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    France wants to perpetrate a massacre on the Comorian island of Mayotte, claims local community leader.

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    Moroni, Comoros – (African Boulevard News) The Heartbreaking Plight of Mayotte: A Ticking Time Bomb for France

    The picturesque island of Mayotte, located in the Indian Ocean, is on the brink of a potential humanitarian crisis. The people of Mayotte are caught in a tug-of-war between France and Comoros that has persisted for decades, resulting in unresolved disputes over immigration and border control.

    On April 5, Comorian civil society organizations sounded the alarm, warning of an impending “coming massacre” on Mayotte. The threat of violence hangs ominously over this island paradise, leaving its inhabitants, predominantly of Comorian descent, in a state of fear and uncertainty.

    The story of Mayotte began in 1975, when Comoros declared its independence from France. However, the island of Mayotte chose to remain under French control, marking the genesis of a tumultuous relationship between Comoros and France. The latest eruption of tensions stems from France’s aggressive expulsion of Comorian migrants residing on the island without proper documentation. The Comorian government has vehemently protested these actions, while civil society organizations have issued dire warnings of impending violence.

    Youssouf Attick Ismael, the passionate president of the Maore Committee, has emerged as a fierce advocate for the rights of Mayotte and its Comorian migrants. He has raised the alarm about the looming “coming massacre” and declared an intention to involve international organizations in order to shine a light on the dire situation. The people of Mayotte are in desperate need of help and support, as they face poverty, staggering unemployment rates, and an insufficient social safety net.

    The French government’s policy of forcibly expelling Comorian migrants has only served to exacerbate the tensions on the island, pushing its inhabitants closer to the brink of violence . The need for a resolution to this crisis becomes increasingly urgent with each passing day. The French government must take immediate action to address the underlying issues of poverty and unemployment, and work collaboratively with the Comorian government to devise a long-term, sustainable solution.

    The plight of Mayotte represents a ticking time bomb for France, with the potential for a humanitarian catastrophe looming large. The international community must rally to provide support and prevent a tragedy from unfolding on this idyllic island. The clock is ticking, and it is imperative that action is taken before it’s too late. The people of Mayotte deserve peace, security, and a brighter future, and it’s up to us all to make that a reality.

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