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    Foreign diplomats evacuated from Sudan as violence continues, Kenyan Christian cult graves discovered, and former Burundi PM arrested: African news update.

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    Sudan: Foreign diplomats evacuate as war continues

    Foreign diplomats in Sudan are being evacuated as the country becomes embroiled in a violent conflict. The US and France have removed their embassy personnel, while the UK has removed its diplomatic staff. Meanwhile, the Sudanese people continue to suffer, with many unable to find medicine or water. The state has effectively collapsed and the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. Despite a declared ceasefire, the fighting continues and more foreign countries are expected to evacuate their citizens.

    Kenya: Christian cult graves discovered

    In Kenya, police have exhumed 21 bodies from suspected Christian cult graves. It is believed that members of the cult were killed as part of a ritual, with recent reports highlighting the growing problem of such cults in the country. Many of these groups are said to attract the vulnerable and offer them the promise of food, shelter, and salvation, only to exploit and abuse them. The discovery of these graves has raised concerns about the prevalence of cults in Kenya and the need for a greater effort to combat them.

    Burundi: Former Prime Minister arrested

    Burundi’s former Prime Minister, Alain Guillaume, has been arrested, according to the country’s justice ministry. The charges against him have not been made clear, but they are thought to be related to his time in office. Guillaume served as Prime Minister from 2015 to 2018 and was sacked by President Pierre Nkurunziza. There have been concerns about the authoritarian rule of Nkurunziza’s government and the suppression of opposition voices.

    Iraq: Citizens killed in Sudanese conflict

    One Iraqi citizen has been killed in Sudan amid the ongoing conflict. The victim’s death was confirmed by Iraq’s state news agency, which cited a foreign ministry spokesperson. The situation in Sudan continues to deteriorate, with reports of violence and fighting escalating. The diplomatic community is pulling out of the country, leaving many Sudanese citizens without the support they need in the face of the worsening situation.

    USA: Embassy personnel evacuated from Sudan

    The US has evacuated under 100 people from its embassy in Sudan as the violent conflict worsens. The embassy, located in the capital, Khartoum, has been closed since the fighting began. US officials have expressed concern about the safety of their staff, as well as the difficulty of getting them out of the country. The evacuation has been hampered by the ongoing violence and the lack of infrastructure.

    UK: Military evacuates embassy staff from Sudan

    The UK has also evacuated its embassy staff from Sudan, according to Chancellor Rishi Sunak. The military was involved in the evacuation, which took place amid a volatile and dangerous situation. Sudan’s state has collapsed, and the country is embroiled in a violent conflict. The UK and other foreign countries are rushing to get their citizens out of the country, leaving behind Sudanese citizens who are struggling to survive.

    In summary, the situation in Sudan is becoming increasingly desperate, as foreign diplomats and citizens are evacuated amid the collapse of the state and ongoing violence. In Kenya, the discovery of Christian cult graves has raised concerns about the prevalence of these groups and the need to combat them. Meanwhile, Burundi’s former Prime Minister has been arrested, and one Iraqi citizen has been killed in Sudan. The conflict is the focus of African news, highlighting the need for greater stability and peace in the region.
    African Boulevard News – (2023-04-23)

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