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    Burkina Faso Announces New Approach to Fight Terrorism after Brutal Massacre of 60 Civilians by Men in Army Uniforms. Outrage and Demand for Justice.

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    Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.- (African Boulevard News) – The government of Burkina Faso has announced a new approach to the fight against terrorism, following the brutal massacre of 60 civilians by men wearing army uniforms in the village of Karma, located in the province of Yatenga. The incident has caused outrage and led to calls for swift action against the perpetrators.

    Army Uniformed Men Kill Civilians

    According to the prosecutor of the court of Ouahigouya, Lamine Kabore, the gendarmerie of the city informed him that “about sixty people would have been killed by people wearing uniforms of our national armed forces” in the village of Karma. Survivors of the attack said that more than a hundred people on motorbikes and pickup trucks raided the village last Thursday, and dozens of men and youths were executed by men dressed in military uniforms.

    New Approach to Fight Terrorism

    Burkina Faso has been caught in a spiral of jihadist violence since 2015, with civilians and soldiers bearing the brunt of the attacks. The violence has caused over 10,000 deaths and displaced some two million people. The Burkina Faso government has now announced a new approach to the fight against terrorism, with the aim of reducing the number of people killed in the country’s wars.

    Call for Swift Action Against Perpetrators

    The incident in Karma has caused outrage in the country, with calls for swift action against the perpetrators. The prosecutor has given instructions to investigate and arrest all those involved, stating that the seriousness of the incident is evident. The government has called on anyone with information about the incident to come forward and report it.

    Previous Incidents of Violence

    The massacre in Karma comes barely a week after six soldiers and 34 Volunteers for the Defence of the Fatherland were killed in an attack by suspected jihadists near the village of Aorema. The violence in Burkina Faso has been attributed to jihadist groups that have spread beyond the borders of Mali and Niger.

    Transitional President Announces General Mobilisation Decree

    Burkina Faso’s transitional president, Captain Ibrahim Traore, who came to power in September 2022, signed a one-year “general mobilisation” decree on Wednesday, allowing for the requisition of young people aged 18 and over to fight against the jihadists. The move is seen as a response to the increasing levels of violence in the country.


    The massacre in Karma has once again highlighted the severity of the security situation in Burkina Faso, where civilians and soldiers have borne the brunt of the violence. The government’s new approach to the fight against terrorism is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to protect the lives of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. The call for swift action against the perpetrators of the Karma massacre must be heeded, and justice must be served to ensure that such incidents do not occur again in the future.

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