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    African Countries in the News: Sudan conflict continues, North African debt troubles, Guinea protests, N/u language preservation, SA power crisis & Safaricom eyes Ethiopia.

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    Sudan: UN calls on influential countries to end conflict

    The UN’s human rights chief, Volker Turk, has called on influential countries in Africa to help end the ongoing conflict in Sudan. Turk has said that both sides in the conflict have violated humanitarian law, and the situation has resulted in widespread human rights abuses. The ongoing conflict has caused immense suffering among civilians, and the UN has repeatedly called for an immediate ceasefire.

    North Africa: Debt troubles threaten stability

    Several North African countries are facing a debt crisis, which could threaten their economic stability. According to experts, the pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing economic problems, leading to a rise in public debt. Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt are among the countries grappling with economic challenges, and a lack of funding could lead to political instability.

    Guinea: Anti-government protests turn violent

    Anti-government protests in Guinea turned violent, resulting in the death of at least seven people and dozens more injured. The protesters are calling for the resignation of President Alpha Conde, accusing him of corruption and mismanagement. The protests follow a recent referendum, which allowed Conde to stand for re-election for a third term in office.

    South Africa: Indigenous language preservation efforts

    The last known speaker of the South African indigenous language of N/u is fighting to preserve it from extinction. The language is considered critically endangered, with only a handful of people still able to speak it fluently. However, with the help of linguists and other activists, efforts are being made to preserve this unique language and the culture it represents.

    South Africa: Power crisis leads to economic woes

    South Africa’s ongoing power crisis has caused the country’s economy to suffer, with the rand reaching a three-year low. The country has been hit by continued rolling blackouts, which have disrupted businesses and caused widespread economic damage. Experts say that a long-term solution is needed to prevent further harm to the economy and to restore investor confidence.

    Kenya: Safaricom flags Ethiopia prospects amid cost-cutting measures

    Kenya’s leading telecommunications firm, Safaricom, has highlighted the prospects for growth in Ethiopia as it looks to cut costs. The company has faced increasing competition domestically, leading it to reduce its workforce and restructure its operations. However, the company is optimistic about expanding into Ethiopia, which could provide a new source of revenue and support its future growth.
    African Boulevard News – (2023-05-11)

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