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    Africa hit by waves of violence: Triple suicide bombing in Mali, influx of Sudanese refugees in Chad, UK takes action, and more #Africa #Conflict

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    African Boulevard News – (2023-04-22) –

    Triple Suicide Bombing Rocks Central Mali, Killing Nine

    At least nine civilians were killed and over 60 injured in a triple suicide bomb attack in the central Mali town of Sevare early on Saturday. Regional governor spokesman Yacouba Maiga confirmed that three men detonated their explosives on the street of the busy town around 04:00 GMT. The Sahel region of Africa has seen an increase in violence from jihadi groups, with military coups and ethnic clashes in the area adding to instability in recent years.

    Chad Prepares for Influx of Refugees Fleeing Sudan

    The UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) has warned that Chad is expecting a large influx of refugees from Sudan, where battles are raging in the nation’s capital. Chad shares a long border with Sudan and has seen previous waves of refugees as a result of violence in the country. The country is already hosting around 500,000 refugees, mainly from Sudan, the Central African Republic, and Nigeria. The UNHCR and its partners are preparing for the influx of refugees, including the provision of coronavirus vaccinations and the inclusion of new arrivals in existing aid programs.

    UK Takes Action Over Sudan Crisis

    British Prime Minister Sunak chaired an emergency meeting on Sudan, where fighting continues to rage, forcing many people to flee their homes in search of safety. The UK’s defense ministry has said it is “engaged in prudent planning” for the crisis, while the US military is preparing for possible evacuation of diplomats from the country. Despite a ceasefire being declared, there has been little let-up in fighting, with reports of a recent ambush on a family in a South African homestead which left 10 people dead.

    Sudan Army Agrees to Help Evacuate Foreigners as Violence Continues Despite Ceasefire

    Amid the ongoing unrest in Sudan, the army has agreed to assist in the evacuation of foreign nationals, including US diplomats. The US embassy is urging their staff to leave the country as soon as possible, as clashes between rival factions continue to destabilize the nation. The United Nations (UN) is calling for calm and the resumption of peace talks between the warring factions. In addition to the evacuation of foreign nationals, the UN is calling for “humanitarian corridors” to be established to deliver aid to those affected by the conflict.

    Congo Camp Receives Much-Needed Food Aid During Eid Celebrations

    Muslim residents of a camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated Eid al-Fitr with much-needed food aid delivered by humanitarian groups. Despite the ongoing conflict in the country, the humanitarian organizations were able to deliver the aid in time for the festivities, which mark the end of Ramadan. Practicing their religion and celebrating the holiday has been a challenge for many Muslim residents of Congo due to the violence in the country, and the food aid was a welcome relief.

    Overall, the situation in Africa remains tense and volatile, with violence in many areas causing uncertainty and instability. The ongoing conflict in Sudan and Mali, in particular, has been a source of concern for many nations, with the UN and other organizations calling for an end to the violence and a return to peace talks. Despite the challenges, humanitarian aid groups continue to work on the ground to deliver much-needed food, shelter, and medical aid to those affected by the conflict.

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