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    Africa: DR Congo Takes Control of Security as it Calls for Swift Withdrawal of UN Peacekeepers

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    Diaspora, Africa – (African Boulevard News) – DR Congo has recently called for the swift withdrawal of UN peacekeepers from the country, as it seeks to take full control of its security and stability. This call comes as part of a plan approved by the Security Council in 2020, which outlined a phased withdrawal of the peacekeeping forces and the transfer of responsibilities to Congolese forces.

    The Democratic Republic of Congo has long been plagued by conflict and insecurity, with various armed groups operating in the eastern part of the country. The presence of UN peacekeepers has been essential in maintaining a semblance of peace and protecting civilians. However, the Congolese government now believes that it is time to take charge and ensure that its own forces are fully capable of ensuring security and stability.

    “We appreciate the assistance of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in the past, but it is now crucial for us to stand on our own two feet and take responsibility for our own security,” said a spokesperson for the Congolese government.

    The plan for the withdrawal of UN peacekeepers was approved by the Security Council in 2020, acknowledging the progress made in stabilizing the country and strengthening the Congolese armed forces. The plan outlined a phased approach to the withdrawal, ensuring that the transfer of responsibilities to Congolese forces is done in an orderly and efficient manner. This process would allow the country to take control of its own security while also providing an opportunity for the UN peacekeepers to move on to other areas in need of assistance.

    While the call for the withdrawal of the peacekeepers has been met with some skepticism, with concerns raised about the readiness of Congolese forces to assume full responsibility, the government is confident in its ability to handle the situation.

    “We have made significant progress in training and equipping our armed forces. We have also been working closely with our regional partners to strengthen our security capabilities. We are ready to take on this responsibility,” the spokesperson emphasized.

    The withdrawal of UN peacekeepers from DR Congo marks a significant step in the country’s journey towards stability and self-reliance. It sends a powerful message that the Congolese government is committed to asserting its authority and protecting its citizens.

    As the phased withdrawal begins, it will be crucial for the international community to continue supporting DR Congo in its efforts to build a capable and accountable security apparatus. This will ensure that the progress made in stabilizing the country is sustainable and that the Congolese people can continue to live in peace.

    The call for the swift withdrawal of UN peacekeepers is a bold move by DR Congo towards asserting its sovereignty and taking charge of its security. With the support of the international community, the country now has an opportunity to build a brighter and more secure future for its citizens.

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