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DRC: Death Toll Rises to 203 in Devastating Floods, Urgent Aid Needed to Help Rebuild Lives

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Kinshasa, DRC – (African Boulevard News) – The death toll from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) recent floods has risen to 203 after more bodies were recovered, an administrative official reported on Saturday.

The previous provisional death toll, announced by the provincial governor on Friday, had been at least 176 dead. But as rescue efforts continue, more fatalities have been discovered in affected areas.

The floods have wreaked havoc in the central African nation, destroying homes, submerging villages, and damaging infrastructure. The country’s three major rivers – Congo, Kasai, and Ubangi – all overflowed, leading to widespread flooding across the country.

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that over 35,000 homes had been destroyed or damaged, and that over 120,000 people had been affected by the disaster.

The DRC is no stranger to natural disasters, but this year’s floods have been particularly severe, hitting the capital, Kinshasa, and several other regions hard.

Speaking on the disaster, a local resident from Kinshasa, Sarah Mbombo, said, “It’s been terrible. The water has been everywhere, and many people have lost everything they own. We need help from the government and international aid organizations to rebuild our lives.”

The government and aid agencies have been working hard to provide relief to those affected by the floods, providing food, shelter, and medical supplies. However, logistical challenges and funding shortages have made it difficult to reach all those in need.

According to OCHA, the DRC needs $20.6 million in funding to provide critical humanitarian assistance to flood-affected communities.

“The situation in the DRC is dire and requires an urgent response,” said UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed. “We need to provide support to those affected by the floods and help them rebuild their lives.”

As the recovery effort continues, officials and aid organizations are urging the international community to provide critical support to those affected by the disaster.

The floods have been a stark reminder of the need for disaster preparedness and response in the DRC and across Africa. As climate change continues to exacerbate extreme weather events, it is critical that countries invest in disaster risk reduction measures to protect vulnerable communities and reduce the impact of natural disasters.

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