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African Countries in the News: From floods in DRC, refugee crisis in South Sudan, oil discovery in Zimbabwe to corporate struggles in South Africa.

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Sudan: Well-off stuck in limbo at border town en route to Egypt

Reports from the Sudanese town of Wadi Halfa indicate that wealthy residents, like Dalia Hassan, have been forced to wait for weeks in the town in order to cross the border into Egypt. The government’s visa application process has been under heavy scrutiny as thousands remain stranded at the border.

Democratic Republic of Congo: Death toll from Congo floods rises to 401: governor

The death toll from recent floods in the Democratic Republic of Congo has risen to 401 according to Governor Theo Ngwabidje Kasi. The floods have caused immense damage to infrastructure and agriculture in the area, with over 176 bodies being discovered in two villages east of the country.

South Sudan: Unhappy return: Sudan crisis forces South Sudanese refugees back to troubled home

South Sudan is currently receiving refugees from Sudan who are being forced to return home due to the ongoing crisis in their home country. Unfortunately, South Sudan remains itself troubled, with extremely limited infrastructure and resources to support the many refugees seeking help.

Sudan: Sudanese pin their hopes on talks in Saudi Arabia

A new round of talks in Saudi Arabia has raised hopes that solutions will be found to the ongoing crisis in Sudan, which has seen thousands flee the country. The talks, which involve both government and opposition leaders, are set to explore potential solutions to the deepening crisis.

Kenya: Kenyan shilling eases on manufacturing FX demand

The Kenyan shilling has slipped slightly in value due to decreased demand in the manufacturing sector for foreign exchange. The Kenyan economy is heavily dependent on these exports, and a slowdown in the manufacturing sector could have significant impact on the country’s overall economic performance.

Zimbabwe: Invictus Energy confirms oil, gas and helium find in Zimbabwe

Australia-listed company Invictus Energy has confirmed the presence of oil and gas deposits, along with significant amounts of helium, in Zimbabwe. The discovery, made in the Cabora Bassa project, has sent the company’s shares soaring, and could bring new economic opportunities to the region.

South Africa: South African rand firmer as dollar weakens

The South African rand has increased in value as the US dollar weakens. This has been seen as positive news for South African exporters, who will benefit from the increased value of their currency when selling goods overseas.

North Africa: Citi appoints new North Africa, Levant and Central Asia head

Citigroup has appointed a new representative to lead operations in North Africa, the Levant, and Central Asia. The move is being seen as a major effort by Citigroup to expand its operations in these important regions, and may signal a broader trend of increased investment in the area.

South Africa: South Africa’s Redefine reports 9.2% fall in distributable income

South African property group Redefine has reported a major drop in distributable income as a result of the ongoing economic crisis in the country. The news is a difficult blow for the company, which has been struggling to deal with increased competition and a slowing economy.

Cameroon: Gunmen kill journalist in restive northwest Cameroon, says union

Journalists in Cameroon are calling for greater protection after the killing of yet another journalist in the country. The journalist was shot and killed by unknown gunmen in the city of Bamenda, leading to concerns about increased violence against media workers in the country.

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