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Zimbabwe’s compensation deal with white farmers: A promising path towards reconciliation and economic recovery.

Zimbabwe's White Farmers to receive compensation for their lost farms in government's land reform program
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HARARE, Feb 24 (African Boulevard Mews) Historic breakthrough towards reconciliation and economic recovery

Zimbabwe has recently made a historic breakthrough towards reconciliation and economic recovery by signing a compensation deal with white farmers who lost their land during the violent and chaotic land reform programme that began in 2000. The deal, signed in July 2020, promises to pay $3.5 billion in compensation to about 3,500 white farmers who applied for it.

Progress towards fulfilling the compensation deal

Despite the challenges the government faces in raising funds, a total of $1 million has been paid to the farmers through donations from well-wishers and sympathizers. The government is currently working on a long-term funding plan, including the issuance of bonds and a joint approach to international donors with the farmers, to fulfill its promise of compensating the remaining amount.

A path towards reconciliation and justice

The compensation deal is a symbol of goodwill by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who came to power after ousting his predecessor Robert Mugabe in a military coup in 2017. It aims to restore Zimbabwe’s relations with the West, which had imposed sanctions on the country over its human rights violations and democratic deficits. The deal has been hailed as a path towards reconciliation, justice, and closure for many of the affected farmers.

An opportunity for economic growth and foreign investment

The compensation deal has also created an opportunity for Zimbabwe to strengthen its economy by attracting foreign investors and rebuilding relationships with the West. The government’s commitment to resolving this longstanding issue sends a positive message to potential investors and could contribute to the country’s recovery.

A promising sign of progress and reconciliation

As the country faces a deepening economic crisis, the compensation deal is a glimmer of hope for both the white farmers and the country as a whole. Despite resistance from some hardliners within the government, who oppose any concessions to white farmers or Western powers, the government’s commitment to compensating the farmers is a promising sign of progress and reconciliation.

A hope for justice and closure

The government’s promise of compensation, although challenging to fulfill, offers hope that justice will be served and that the country can move towards a brighter future. Some white farmers have already moved on with their lives, either by leaving Zimbabwe for other countries where they can farm again or by pursuing other careers. Nevertheless, many others are still hoping for justice and closure after losing their homes and farms two decades ago.

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