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Rwanda: APR FC Chairman Lt Gen Mubarak Muganga Set to Prioritize Team’s Success Over FERWAFA Presidency.

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Kigali, Rwanda – (African Boulevard News) – In an exclusive interview with African Boulevard News, APR FC Chairman Lt Gen Mubarak Muganga has put an end to speculation about his potential candidacy for the Rwanda Football Association (FERWAFA) presidency. The highly-respected general confirmed he will not be running for the position.

“I am not interested in running for FERWAFA presidency,” General Muganga said. “I have my hands full with my current duties as the chairman of APR FC. It requires my full focus and attention to lead the team in the right direction.”

General Muganga’s decision to rule himself out from the race comes amid growing interest in the upcoming FERWAFA elections. Football stakeholders and enthusiasts were buzzing with excitement when rumors began to circulate that the general could be throwing his hat in the ring for the prestigious position.

Nevertheless, General Muganga made it clear that he is still very much committed to the development of Rwandan football. He emphasized that his priority is to ensure the continued success of APR FC and to work towards the betterment of the country’s football as a whole.

“I am a passionate supporter of football in Rwanda, and I will continue to support the sport in any way I can,” he said. “However, my focus remains on APR FC and working towards building a bright future for Rwandan football.”

The news of General Muganga’s decision has been met with mixed reactions from the football fraternity. While some express disappointment in his decision not to run for the presidency, others have commended him for prioritizing APR FC and recognizing the enormity of the task at hand.

The announcement comes as the FERWAFA presidential race heats up, with several other candidates vying for the top job. The election is set to take place in August, with the winner expected to take over from current president, Nzamwita Vincent.

In conclusion, General Muganga’s decision not to run for FERWAFA presidency has put an end to months of speculation. It is clear that his priority is still with APR FC, and his decision has been widely respected by the Rwandan football community. As the election draws nearer, all eyes will be on the candidates as they vie for the prestigious position.

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