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Rival generals are battling for control in Sudan. Here is the latest from the capital Khartoum.

Rival Generals Unleash Fighting in Sudan, Dashing Dreams of Democracy
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City of Chaos: War Rages in Khartoum

An explosive conflict has erupted in Sudan, as the Army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), the nation’s most formidable paramilitary unit, clash in a fierce battle for power. The air in Khartoum, the country’s capital, resounds with the cacophony of explosions, airstrikes, and gunfire. Both sides claim advances in key locations, but the true situation on the ground remains obscured.

Hospitals Under Siege

Hospitals, once sanctuaries for the injured and the ill, have become targets in this ruthless war. One such clinic suffered a devastating blow when its laboratory was shelled, leaving numerous people injured and forcing many to evacuate. Sudan now stands at a standstill as the fight for power continues.

Water Crisis Looms

Khartoum’s main water station has been obliterated, amplifying fears of widespread food and water shortages. The power struggle between Army Chief Abdul Fatah al-Burhan and his Deputy Muhammad Hamdan Daglab, the RSF commander, shows no signs of relenting, leading to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

Diplomatic Efforts to Bring Calm

The United States and the United Kingdom have called for a ceasefire, while the Arab League advocates for negotiation. EGAD, the African intergovernmental body, is proposing to send the experienced presidents of Kenya, South Sudan, and Djibouti to mediate. Meanwhile, civilians in Khartoum frantically flee the city, packing their vehicles with supplies or hitchhiking to escape the escalating violence.

Worsening Humanitarian Crisis

This conflict threatens to intensify an already catastrophic humanitarian situation in Sudan. Approximately 15.8 million people, constituting nearly a third of the population, are in desperate need of assistance this year. The United Nations’ humanitarian office reports that 3.7 million internally displaced people require help, around 4 million children under five and pregnant women suffer acute malnutrition, and an alarming 11.7 million people lack adequate food.

Latest Developments on the Ground

In the wake of vigorous airstrikes by the Sudanese Army against RSF strongholds, the conflict seems to have shifted primarily to ground combat near the army’s general command. The Army asserts it has regained control of the state broadcaster, although heavy fighting still rages in the area. Both factions vie for control of major facilities, but the current balance of power remains uncertain.

Airport Battle Continues

The Army claims to maintain control of the airport, but intense fighting continues to engulf the area. The RSF is determined to reclaim the state television facility, which they had controlled before the Army’s takeover announcement. RSF leader, General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, has implored the international community to intervene, accusing his rival General Abdel Fatah Burhan of committing heinous crimes by bombing civilians from the air.
In the midst of this chaos, the people of Sudan suffer the consequences of a power struggle that shows no signs of resolution. The world watches with bated breath, hoping for a peaceful end to this devastating conflict.

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