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Morocco’s New Development Model: Broken Promises, Frustration, and Calls for Transparency

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Rabat, Morocco – (African Boulevard News) – The Moroccan government has been under scrutiny as members of the opposition ask about the whereabouts of the new development model. The national pact has yet to be signed, leaving many asking where the government’s promises went.

As stated in a recent report by Africa Intelligence, the new development model was supposed to be a “paradigm shift” in Morocco’s economic and social model. The plan was introduced by King Mohammed VI in May 2019, aiming to address issues such as socio-economic inequalities, corruption, and bureaucratic red tape.

However, two years since its announcement, there has been little progress made. The national pact, which is supposed to contain details of the development model, has yet to be signed. Many are beginning to question if the government has abandoned the plan altogether.

Dr. Azzedine Ghoufrane, an economist and former advisor to the Moroccan government, believes that the development model has been overshadowed by other issues. “The government has been focused on the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the normalizing of relations with Israel. These are important issues, but we cannot forget about the development model,” he said.

Meanwhile, members of the opposition have criticized the government for not being transparent about the development model. The National Rally of Independents (RNI) party, a member of the ruling coalition, has called for more clarity on the plan’s progress.

“Moroccans deserve to know what is happening with the new development model. It was supposed to be a game changer for our country, and yet we have heard very little about it,” said Driss Azami, a member of the RNI party.

The lack of progress on the development model has also led to frustration among Moroccan citizens. Many are still grappling with issues such as unemployment and access to education and healthcare.

“Morocco needs change, and the new development model was supposed to be the answer. We need the government to deliver on their promises,” said Fatima Zahra, a teacher in Casablanca.

In conclusion, the Moroccan government has come under fire for not delivering on its promises of a new development model. While the pandemic and other issues may have taken the government’s attention, citizens and members of the opposition are demanding transparency and progress on the plan. Only time will tell if the development model will be a reality or just another unfulfilled promise.

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