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Morocco: Mohamed El Morabity Dedicates Seventh Marathon des Sables Win to Older Brother, Breaks Record

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Rabat, Morocco – (African Boulevard News) – The 2023 Marathon des Sables, which is considered the toughest foot race on earth, has come to an end with Mohamed El Morabity of Morocco emerging as the winner. This marks El Morabity’s seventh victory in the competition, breaking the record previously held by his older brother, Rachid El Morabity.

The 28th edition of the Marathon des Sables took place in the Sahara Desert, where over 800 ultra-marathoners from across the world battled it out for six days, covering over 250km of sand dunes, rocky terrain, and unforgiving heat.

El Morabity’s win was not an easy feat, as he faced stiff competition from two-time champion Abdelkader El Mouaziz of Morocco, and Peru’s Remigio Huaman, who came in second and third place, respectively.

In an emotional statement, the 34-year-old El Morabity dedicated his win to his brother Rachid, who he narrowly beat to the finish line in the final stage of the race. “I’m so sad for my brother, he should have won but that’s how it is, next year inshallah,” he said.

The Marathon des Sables, also known as the Sahara Marathon, was first held in 1986 and has since grown to become one of the most prestigious ultra-marathons in the world. The grueling race tests athletes’ endurance, stamina, and mental strength, requiring them to carry their own food, water, and equipment throughout the race.

The event has also become a major tourist attraction for the Sahara Desert, with over 10,000 people visiting the area every year to witness the spectacle of the race.

Commenting on El Morabity’s victory, event director Patrick Bauer said, “Mohamed is an incredible athlete and a deserving winner of this year’s race. The Marathon des Sables is a true test of human endurance and perseverance, and Mohamed truly embodies those qualities.”

El Morabity’s win is expected to inspire a new generation of Moroccan ultra-marathoners, who are already being hailed as the future of the sport.

In conclusion, El Morabity’s victory in the 2023 Marathon des Sables is a testament to his incredible talent, hard work, and dedication to the sport. He has made history by breaking his brother’s record and has become one of the greatest ultra-marathoners of all time. The competition itself is an incredible feat of human strength and endurance, and it will continue to inspire athletes and spectators alike for years to come.

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