Mauritania’s Digital Revolution: Battle of Titans to Build Game-Changing Submarine Cable

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    Nouakchott, Mauritania – (African Boulevard News) – Sonatel, the Senegalese subsidiary of French telecommunications giant Orange, along with Mauritania Submarine Link Consortium and Ireland-based EllaLink, are vying for the opportunity to construct Mauritania’s second submarine cable. This development comes as the West African nation seeks to further enhance its digital infrastructure and connectivity.

    The new submarine cable is expected to significantly increase Mauritania’s internet capacity, providing faster and more reliable internet services to businesses and individuals across the country. The project aims to address the growing demand for high-speed internet access and meet the needs of a rapidly evolving digital economy.

    According to industry experts, the competition for the contract to build the submarine cable highlights the increasing importance of Mauritania’s digital sector and its potential for growth. With the explosive rise in internet usage, driven by the proliferation of smartphones and the demand for online services, reliable and affordable internet connectivity is crucial for socio-economic development.

    Moussa Diakhate, CEO of Sonatel, expressed the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in Mauritania’s telecommunications market. He stated, “We believe that the deployment of a second submarine cable will play a key role in unlocking the country’s digital potential, connecting it to the global network and fostering economic growth.”

    The Mauritania Submarine Link Consortium, a partnership between Mauritanian telecommunications company Mauritel and China Telecom Global, is also contending for the contract. They bring extensive experience in submarine cable projects and will contribute their expertise to the development of Mauritania’s digital infrastructure.

    EllaLink, an Ireland-based company specializing in submarine telecommunications systems, is another contender for the submarine cable project. Their state-of-the-art cable systems are designed to provide low-latency and high-capacity connectivity, ensuring reliable and efficient communication services.

    Mauritania’s government is keen to ensure that the country keeps pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The addition of a second submarine cable will not only improve international connectivity but also stimulate job creation and attract investment in the technology sector.

    The decision on which company will be awarded the contract to build Mauritania’s second submarine cable is eagerly awaited. Once implemented, this ambitious project will bring significant benefits to the country, boosting its digital capabilities and strengthening its position as a regional technology hub.

    In conclusion, the competition to build Mauritania’s second submarine cable highlights the country’s commitment to expanding its digital infrastructure. Sonatel, the Mauritania Submarine Link Consortium, and EllaLink are all vying to undertake this essential project, set to revolutionize Mauritania’s internet capacity and enhance its connectivity with the global digital landscape. The successful completion of this venture will undoubtedly bring numerous economic and social advantages to Mauritania, facilitating prosperity and development in the years to come.

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