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Mali: Family celebrated the world’s first set of nonuplets turning two, defying the odds of infant mortality.

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Bamako, Mali – (African Boulevard News) – It was a joyous occasion in the West African nation of Mali as the world’s first recorded set of nonuplets celebrated their second birthday on Sunday, May 8th. In 2021, Halima Cisse made headlines after delivering nine babies, five girls, and four boys in a single birth. The previous world record for the most children born at once was held by Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets in 2009.

The Cisse family, who live in Timbuktu, have received an outpouring of support since the birth of the nonuplets. Halima’s husband Kader Arby, expressed appreciation for the help they have received from family members, saying, “Since I am in Mali, members of my family support me to raise the children, especially my sister, she is with me morning and evening, every day for everything that concerns the care of the children.”

The nonuplets, who were born prematurely at just 30 weeks, spent the first few months of their lives in the hospital under the watchful eye of medical professionals. However, the children have grown and thrived under the care of their parents and family members.

Despite the challenges that come with raising nine children at once, Halima and Kader have expressed their love and gratitude for their family. “I am very happy and proud of my family, my husband, and my children,” Halima said. “I am very happy to be the mother of these nonuplets, may God help me to raise them in good health.”

The birth of the nonuplets was not only a significant event for the Cisse family but also for the country of Mali. The West African nation has one of the highest infant mortality rates, and the birth of the nonuplets highlighted the importance of maternal and child health.

Medical experts have applauded the family for the care they have provided for the nonuplets. Dr. Fanta Siby, Mali’s Minister of Health and Social Affairs, said, “I am proud of the care given by the medical teams and proud of the courage of this family who have taken care of these nonuplets.”

As the nonuplets continue to grow and thrive, their story serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of family support. The Cisse family’s determination, love, and gratitude have inspired many in Mali and around the world.

In conclusion, the Cisse family’s journey with their nonuplets has been one of joy, resilience, and love. The birth of the nonuplets marked a significant moment in Mali’s history and highlighted the importance of maternal and child health. As the nonuplets celebrate their second birthday, the world continues to be inspired by the love and care that the Cisse family has shown towards their children.

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