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Kenya: Protesters clash with police demanding president’s resignation

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Nairobi, Kenya – (African Boulevard News) -The Kenyan political crisis escalated on Tuesday as opposition supporters took to the streets to demand the resignation of President Uhuru Kenyatta. The protesters were responding to the call by opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has declared Thursday a “new day of action” against the government over its handling of the country’s economic woes.

According to reports, the protesters clashed with police in Nairobi, resulting in the use of tear gas and water cannons to disperse the demonstrators. The opposition claims that the government has failed to tackle high unemployment rates, rising food prices, and widespread corruption.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr. Odinga accused the government of “incompetence” and called on Kenyans to join him in demanding a “new dawn” for the country. “We have suffered enough under this regime. It is time for a change,” he declared.

The opposition leader has been a vocal critic of President Kenyatta’s government, which he claims has been marred by corruption and economic mismanagement. Mr. Odinga has accused the president of enriching himself and his allies while leaving ordinary Kenyans to suffer.

The government, however, has dismissed the opposition’s claims, arguing that it has taken steps to address the country’s economic challenges. President Kenyatta has urged the opposition to engage in constructive dialogue rather than resorting to street protests.

“We are open to listening to the concerns of all Kenyans, including the opposition,” he said in a statement. “But we cannot allow a few individuals to hold the country hostage with their disruptive behavior.”

The political standoff has raised concerns about the stability of Kenya, which has long been seen as a bastion of democracy in East Africa. The country is set to hold its next general election in 2022, and many analysts fear that the current crisis could lead to a breakdown in law and order if not resolved soon.

In conclusion, the call for a “new day of action” by the Kenyan opposition has raised tensions in the country, with protesters taking to the streets to demand change. While the government has dismissed the opposition’s claims, the crisis highlights the need for dialogue and reform to address the country’s economic challenges. It remains to be seen whether Thursday’s planned protests will lead to further clashes, or whether the government and opposition can find a way to resolve their differences peacefully.

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