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Kenya: Family member defends cult leader – “He was simply misled”

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Nairobi, Kenya – (African Boulevard News) – The case of the Kenyan cult that led to the deaths of at least 23 people last month continues to shock the nation. However, amidst the chaos, a family member of one of the leaders of the cult has come forward to speak in defense of his brother.

Robert Mackenzie, the brother of one of the cult leaders, has stated that his brother is a good man who was simply misled. Mackenzie says that his brother became involved with the cult due to mental health issues and that he was not aware of the dangerous practices within the group.

The case has stunned Christian-majority Kenya and led President William Ruto to set up a commission of inquiry into the deaths and a task force to review regulations governing religious bodies. The cult, known as the “House of God,” was based in the town of Kiambu and was known for its extreme practices such as drinking animal blood and performing exorcisms on children. The group also reportedly preached anti-vaccine and anti-government messages.

Mackenzie’s defense of his brother has sparked controversy in the country, with many questioning how someone could be so involved in a cult and yet be considered a “good man.” However, experts on cults and mental health have pointed out that it is not uncommon for vulnerable individuals to become ensnared in such groups and that it is important to view them with compassion and understanding.

According to Dr. Njoroge, a psychiatrist in Nairobi, “Many cult members are not evil people, but rather individuals who have been manipulated and coerced into joining. It is important to look at the root causes of why someone would be vulnerable to cults and address those issues.”

The case has also highlighted the need for stricter regulations around religious groups in Kenya. Many have criticized the lack of oversight and accountability for such groups, which can easily become havens for extremist beliefs and practices.

As the investigation into the “House of God” cult continues, Mackenzie’s defense of his brother serves as a reminder that behind every sensational headline, there are real people caught up in the tragedy. It is important to approach such cases with empathy and understanding, even as we work to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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