Gabon: Rising Costs of Back-to-School Items Leave Families Struggling to Afford Education

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    Libreville, Gabon – (African Boulevard News) – As the new school year approaches in Gabon, parents are feeling the financial strain of purchasing back-to-school items. The cost of essential supplies, including textbooks, uniforms, and stationery, has significantly increased, leaving many families struggling to afford the necessary items for their children’s education.

    “Back then, you could get a 200-page booklet for 500 francs (80 cents). But these days it’s gone up a lot. Well, for us it’s… It’s too high actually. It’s too expensive to learn. So it’s really difficult,” says a concerned parent.

    The rising costs of back-to-school items have become a major burden for parents across the country. Many families already face financial challenges, and the additional expenses put further strain on their limited budgets.

    Textbooks, once relatively affordable, have become significantly more expensive, with some prices doubling in recent years. This has forced parents to spend a substantial amount of their income on educational materials alone.

    “A set of textbooks now costs almost a month’s salary for some parents. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for families to provide their children with the necessary resources for a quality education,” explains an education expert.

    In addition to textbooks, school uniforms and stationery have also seen a significant price increase. Uniforms, an essential requirement in Gabon’s schools, can cost anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 francs ($17 to $51), depending on the school and the grade level.

    The steep prices have sparked frustration among parents, who argue that education should be more accessible and affordable for all. They are calling on the government to address the issue and take measures to alleviate the financial burden on families.

    “Education is a fundamental right, and no child should be denied access to quality education due to financial constraints. The government needs to prioritize education affordability and find solutions to reduce the cost of back-to-school items,” says a concerned parent.

    The high cost of back-to-school items not only affects the financial well-being of families but also has long-term implications for the nation’s education system. Many children from disadvantaged backgrounds are at risk of being left behind, unable to afford the essential resources needed to succeed academically.

    As children eagerly prepare to return to school, the burden of buying back-to-school items weighs heavily on parents’ minds. The government must act swiftly to address this issue and ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to receive an education without the financial strain placed on their families. It is time to prioritize accessibility and affordability in education and invest in the future of Gabon’s children.

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