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DRC: Landslide tragedy claims at least ten lives in vulnerable area hit by recurring disasters

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Kinshasa, DRC – (African Boulevard News) – Tragedy struck once again in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo as at least ten people were killed in a new landslide. The landslide was triggered by heavy rainfall overnight on Tuesday.

The incident occurred in a landlocked area that has been hit by numerous landslides in recent months, leading to the loss of several lives. The area is known for its challenging topography, which makes it vulnerable to landslides, especially during heavy rains.

Local authorities have confirmed the death toll and said search and rescue efforts are ongoing to find others who might be trapped in the rubble. The rescue efforts are being hampered by the poor state of the roads and lack of equipment.

“The search continues for possible survivors,” said a spokesperson for the local government. “We urge residents to be vigilant and avoid areas that are prone to landslides.”

The landslides have become a recurring problem in many parts of the DRC, particularly in the eastern region, where deforestation and mining activities have affected the natural environment, making the area more susceptible to landslides during heavy rainfalls.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), landslides have claimed the lives of over 150 people in the eastern part of the DRC since last year. The UN agency has been providing humanitarian aid to the affected communities, including shelter, food, and emergency medical supplies.

The Congolese government needs to take urgent measures to mitigate the adverse effects of landslides in the eastern region, said a spokesperson for OCHA. “It is critical that the government intervenes to protect its citizens from such disasters,” he added.

The latest landslide is a reminder of the need for preventive measures to be put in place to reduce the loss of lives and damage to property caused by natural disasters in the DRC.

As the rescue efforts continue, the affected communities are mourning the loss of their loved ones and grappling with the trauma of the disaster. This tragedy is yet another reminder of the need for urgent action to address the underlying causes of landslides and to provide support to those affected.

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