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“Continued violence ravages Sudan as civil war enters third week”

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Sudan faces continued violence as war enters third week

Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, and its adjacent city, Bahri, experienced air, tank, and artillery strikes on Friday as the ongoing civil war enters its third week. Despite truce pledges made by both sides, the violence has not abated, and casualties continue to mount. The Sudanese military claims it has targeted rebel positions, while the rebels deny their involvement in the strikes. Thousands have been killed or injured during what is being called one of the worst civil wars in the country’s history.

Indian cough syrup linked to a mystery middleman

A crisis is brewing in India as a key ingredient for cough syrup could be linked to the deaths of hundreds in Kenya. According to authorities in both countries, the cough syrup was laced with chemicals harmful to humans, resulting in the deaths of over 100 people in Kenya, most of whom were children. Investigators following the trail of the cough syrup have identified a mystery middleman who facilitated its transfer from India to Kenya. With the death toll still rising, calls for stricter regulations and accountability in India’s pharmaceutical industry are growing louder.

Tanzania’s economy looks to rebound in 2023 despite global concerns

The Tanzanian economy is expected to bounce back this year despite headwinds from the global economic environment, Finance Minister Mwigulu Nchemba said in a letter to the International Monetary Fund. The government is projecting a growth rate of 5.5% thanks to a robust agricultural sector, increased infrastructure investments, and stronger tourism demand. However, the country’s economic recovery could be affected by regional instability, including the ongoing conflict in nearby Sudan.
African Boulevard News – (2023-04-29)


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