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Central Africa – Top News: Angola’s Security Forces Accused of Abusing Migrant Women, Cameroon Journalists Call for Protection, UN Warns of Hunger Crisis in Chad, Rebels Kill Dozens in Congo-Kinshasa.

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Angola: Angolan Forces Linked to Abuses Against Migrant Women

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has recently accused Angola’s security forces of using excessive and unnecessary force against refugees and migrants crossing Angola’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The report claims that the Angolan forces have committed extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, ill-treatment, extortion, and trafficking, with many women subjected to rape. The report calls on the Angolan authorities to investigate the allegations and hold those involved accountable for their actions.

The country has been working to improve its international standing in recent years by signing various international agreements and becoming party to international conventions, including the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. However, the latest allegations of abuses against migrants demonstrate that much work still needs to be done to ensure that human rights are respected and protected in Angola.

Cameroon: Reporters Call for Protection After Mayor Issues Death Threats

Journalists investigating corruption in Cameroon have become targets of state-owned media organizations and separatist groups. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has called on the authorities to protect those who work to expose corruption and hold those in power accountable. This comes after two journalists were threatened by a mayor for investigating the misuse of taxpayers’ money on road construction. The reporters were reportedly threatened in a public setting, highlighting the increasing level of impunity for those who wish to suppress press freedom in Cameroon.

The government needs to do more to ensure that journalists can carry out their work safely and without fear of retribution. The shrinking space for freedom of expression and press freedom in Cameroon is a worrying trend, and the international community needs to provide additional support to protect journalists, investigative reporting, and democracy.

Chad: Aid for Displaced Desperately Needed to Avoid Hunger

The United Nations has released a report warning that $78 million is needed to prevent another hunger crisis in Chad. The country is facing a dire situation with low rainfall and limited funding, resulting in decreased crop yields that leave tens of thousands of people facing starvation. The UN has raised concerns about the lack of funding and has called on donors to provide urgent support to mitigate the impact of the crisis.

Chad has been able to absorb waves of refugees from neighboring countries, such as the Central African Republic and Nigeria, for many years. However, the convergence of internal displacement, refugees, and COVID-19 has led to a deteriorating humanitarian situation, which threatens regional stability. It is vital that the international community acts now to prevent the situation in Chad from deteriorating further.

Congo-Kinshasa: Dozens Killed By Rebels in East

Rebels linked to the CODECO militia group have been blamed for the recent atrocity crimes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) Ituri province. Rebel members have killed more than 50 people during a surprise attack on villages. The CODECO group was once a peaceful agricultural cooperative, but now it appears to have become associated with attacks on villages.

The region remains a security challenge for the Congolese authorities, with several armed groups operating in different

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