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Cameroon: Outcry as Journalist Gunned Down in Pub Amid Ongoing Crisis

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Yaounde, Cameroon – (African Boulevard News) – Anye Nde Nsoh, a Cameroonian journalist was gunned down on Sunday evening in Bamenda’s Ntarikon neighbourhood while in a pub. The unidentified gunmen stormed the area and opened fire on the journalist before fleeing the scene.

The killing has sent shock waves through the media industry in Cameroon, with many calling for action to be taken to bring the perpetrators to book, while also drawing attention to the dangers journalists face in Cameroon. The motive for the attack remains unclear, but it is believed to be related to the ongoing Anglophone crisis in the country.

According to local reports, Anye Nde Nsoh was a freelance journalist who covered the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. He was described as a passionate journalist who was committed to shedding light on the conflict in the country and the plight of the affected communities.

The killing of journalists in Cameroon is not a new phenomenon, as several journalists have been murdered over the years, with many cases remaining unsolved. This has created an environment of fear among journalists, who are now afraid to speak out on certain issues or to report on sensitive topics.

Commenting on the incident, Tandiwe Abdul-Majeed, the Africa Programme Coordinator of the Committee to Protect Journalists, said, “We call on Cameroonian authorities to ensure a thorough and transparent investigation into the killing of Anye Nde Nsoh and to bring those responsible to justice. Journalists should be able to work freely without fear of reprisals.”

The attack on Anye Nde Nsoh is a stark reminder of the risks journalists face in Cameroon as they seek to report on the issues that affect the country and its people. The media plays a crucial role in informing citizens and acting as a watchdog to hold those in power accountable, and any attack on a journalist is an attack on freedom of expression and the right to information.

In conclusion, the killing of Anye Nde Nsoh has once again highlighted the dangers of being a journalist in Cameroon, and the need for authorities to take action to ensure the safety of journalists. Cameroon must take steps to address the ongoing conflict in the Anglophone regions and to ensure that the media can operate freely and without fear of reprisals. Our thoughts are with the family and colleagues of Anye Nde Nsoh during this difficult time.

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