Botswana’s Diamond Industry Faces Uncertainty as CEO Ousted in Shocking Shake-Up

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    Gaborone, Botswana – (African Boulevard News) – In a surprising turn of events, HB Antwerp, Botswana’s diamond marketing partner, has announced the departure of its CEO, Oded Mansori. The Belgian-Israeli industry veteran, formerly associated with Steinmetz Diamond Group, was unexpectedly given the boot. However, Mansori will still retain his position as a shareholder in the company.

    The decision to part ways with Mansori comes amid rumors of tension within the organization. While the exact reasons behind his departure remain undisclosed, industry experts speculate that it may be linked to differences in strategic vision or internal conflicts.

    HB Antwerp, a diamond trading company that specializes in the sourcing, cutting, and polishing of rough diamonds, is a key player in the global diamond industry. The company’s partnership with Botswana has been instrumental in promoting the country as a leading diamond hub in Africa.

    Mansori, who joined HB Antwerp in 2019, brought with him a wealth of experience in the diamond industry. His expertise and connections were seen as valuable assets in expanding the company’s footprint and establishing stronger ties with international markets.

    “We thank Oded Mansori for his contributions during his tenure as CEO of HB Antwerp. We wish him well in his future endeavors,” said a spokesperson for the company.

    While the departure of Mansori may raise concerns about the stability of HB Antwerp, the company reassures its stakeholders that it remains committed to its operations in Botswana. The search for a new CEO is already underway, and the company aims to fill the position with a capable leader who can guide HB Antwerp through its future growth and development.

    The diamond industry plays a crucial role in Botswana’s economy, accounting for a significant portion of the country’s GDP and providing employment opportunities for thousands of people. The partnership between HB Antwerp and Botswana has been instrumental in maximizing the value of the country’s diamond resources and promoting sustainable development.

    It is expected that Mansori’s departure will be closely watched by industry players and stakeholders, as it may have implications for the diamond trading landscape in Botswana and beyond.

    As the diamond industry continues to evolve and face new challenges, the appointment of a new CEO will be crucial in ensuring the continued success of HB Antwerp and its contribution to Botswana’s diamond sector.


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