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Africa: Major Illegal Immigration Network Dismantled in France, Smugglers Used Real French Passports

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Diaspora, Africa – (African Boulevard News) – A major illegal immigration network has been dismantled in France, according to recent reports by the French border police and Interpol. The operation targeted a group that was smuggling African migrants into France using real French passports. The network, reportedly run by a group of African nationals, was caught red-handed by border police at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport earlier this week.

The French authorities found that the group had been smuggling illegal immigrants from Africa into France for some time, using fake visas and passports. However, in this latest operation, they used genuine French passports to bring in illegal immigrants undetected. The passports were believed to have been obtained through bribery, theft, and other illegal means.

The dismantling of this network has been described as a major blow to illegal immigration in France and across Europe. According to Interpol, illegal immigration is a growing problem in Europe, with many illegal immigrants arriving via the Mediterranean from Africa. The smuggling of illegal immigrants involves dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean, often in overcrowded boats, which puts many lives at risk.

The French police have said that this operation is part of a wider crackdown on illegal immigration and that they will continue to monitor the situation closely. They have warned that anyone involved in the smuggling of illegal immigrants would face severe punishment under French law.

In response to the news, a spokesperson for the African Union has said: “The African Union welcomes any efforts to tackle illegal immigration, but we must also address the underlying reasons why so many people feel compelled to risk their lives in search of a better life. We need to work together to address poverty, conflict, and instability in Africa so that people can stay in their home countries and build a prosperous future.”

This latest operation highlights the ongoing problem of illegal immigration in France and across Europe. While efforts are being made to crack down on smuggling networks and improve border security, more needs to be done to address the root causes of illegal immigration.

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