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    East Africa

    Kenya: Anxious Relatives Wait for News as Death Toll Rises in Suspected Starvation Cult

    Nairobi, Kenya - (African Boulevard News) - As the death toll linked to a suspected starvation cult in Kenya continues to rise, the relatives...

    Comoros: Migrant Restrictions at Risk of Furthering Tension with France

    Moroni, Comoros - (African Boulevard News) - The simmering tension between France and its former colonial territory, the Comoros, continues to escalate over the...

    Kenya: Government Imposes Dusk-to-Dawn Curfew to Investigate Cult Allegations Against Detained Pastor

    Nairobi, Kenya - (African Boulevard News) - The Kenyan government has imposed a curfew on a ranch owned by a detained pastor in Shakahola...

    Mayotte fights back against illegal immigration influx with forceful security operations

    Moroni, Comoros- (African Boulevard News) - Security operations to expel illegal migrants continued on Thursday in the French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte as...

    Rebel attacks cause displacement crisis in Congo’s Ituri province. More than 300,000 people have fled their homes, aid workers struggle to meet needs. #Africa...

    Congo: Rebel attacks deepen displacement crisis in Ituri Rebel attacks in the northeastern province of Ituri have intensified, causing the displacement of people in the...

    Unlocking the Future: Free Coding Classes for Children in Nairobi’s Kibera Transforming Their Lives and Securing Their Career Success.

    Nairobi, Kenya - (African Boulevard News) - With Kenya swiftly emerging as a hub for technology and innovation, an organization in Nairobi's Kibera district...

    Ethiopia and Oromo rebel group start peace talks in Tanzania to bring about end to ethnic conflicts and rebellions in the country.

    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia- (African Boulevard News) - Ethiopia's government and Oromo rebel group, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), have started peace talks in Zanzibar,...

    Latest in Africa: Kenya Starvation Cult Massacre hits 90 deaths, Nigeria’s slow economy, Mozambique redeems TotalEnergies

    Kenya: With Aching Hearts, Kenyans Seek Relatives Among Starvation Cult Victims Kenyans are mourning the loss of loved ones who perished in the hands of...

    SADC Electoral Advisory Council assesses pre-election goodwill in Zimbabwe: Key Concerns and Recommendations. Learn More. #ZimbabweElections #SEACMission

    SADC Electoral Advisory Council Assesses Goodwill Ahead of Zimbabwe General Elections The SADC Electoral Advisory Council (SEAC) is currently conducting consultations with stakeholders in...

    Zimbabwe Gears Up for 2023 General Elections with SEAC Pre-Election Goodwill Mission Conducting Consultations with Key Stakeholders.

    Harare, Zimbabwe- (African Boulevard News) - Zimbabwe is gearing up for its general elections which are scheduled to take place between July and 26th...

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